Multifunctional cement grouting machine application

/Multifunctional cement grouting machine application

Multifunctional cement grouting machine application

cement grouting machine application :

1.cement grouting machine using water leakage in settlement joint,subway,tunnel,dam etc.

2.floor,crack empty drum reinforcement,you can use grouting machine.

3.the grouting machine can also used indoor and outdoor,ceiling spraying. widely used waterproof materials grouting and surface spraying.

cement grouting machine’s feature:

1.the grouting machine is high efficiency: 5-10 kg flowing per minute,20-35kg outlet pressure.

2.cement grouting machine have light weight:the grouting machine is very light and easy to carry.

3.the machine is very easy to operate: you can selecte different nozzles for grouting or spraying.

4.the grouting machine need 220 V voltage: it can be accepted by general engineering users.

pay attention the rules when operating grouting machine:

First,wearing protective equipment(such as gloves, masks, helmets),before you are ready using the grouting machine .

Second,insert the cement mortar needle into the drilled hole and fix it tightly.determine the grouting pressure and amount according the specific situation of the leakage position.

Third,when the grouting machine is working or finished,do not spray the water into the drill or electric box to avoid damage.

Last,the spraying nozzle is a consumable part. when the nozzle hole is not ideal, the nozzle should be replaced immediately.

1.We promise One year guarantee and whole life services and technical support.

2.The international packing standard of wooden case packing or as customers’ needs.

3.We can support the grout machine can customized for you according to your needs.

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